Jezebel's New Mobile Site — And The Return Of Hearts!

Ta-da! Jezebel's shiny new mobile site has finally launched. It loads quickly, looks pretty, and has some neat bells and whistles: Much like on our regular site, you can watch videos, look at the most popular stories (the flame icon), decide whether you want to read featured comments or all of 'em, and you can even search the site (the spyglass icon). Bonus: You can also share (or simply "like") posts on Facebook, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Just direct your mobile browsers to, and enjoy.

But wait — there's more! You may have already noticed this, but let's just make it official: The long-lost "heart" function has finally returned to comments. If you're new to our commenting system, here's how hearts work:


Heart-clicks are the currency all registered users have to express approval for a commenter or comment. On your profile page, hearts dictate the number of friends and followers you have (like Twitter). Those "following" you who you've also friended will show red-hearted; followers you have not friended back show an empty white heart (sad!). You can see this info on anyone's profile page by clicking the "Friends and Followers" dropdown.

To "heart" someone, all you need to do is click the little heart icon next to a user's avatar. It'll change to red, indicating your official "hearting" of someone. It's a like a combination of liking something on Facebook and following someone on Twitter.

As you scroll through commenting threads, the red heart will indicate who you've friended — so you can keep an eye out for comments from your favorite people.

You can easily un-heart anyone with another click of their red heart — again, much like Twitter and Facebook, they won't receive an official notification of your breakup. But we're really sorry it didn't work out.

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