Jezebel's Cancel Tournament Enters Round 2: The Kardashians and Joe Biden Still in the Running

Jezebel's Cancel Tournament Enters Round 2: The Kardashians and Joe Biden Still in the Running

Year in Review 2019Year in Review 2019Remembering the year that you, me, and everyone we know was canceled. Rest in peace

Welcome to Round Two of Jezebel’s Cancel Tournament. On Monday, we attempted to cancel a series of concepts, including marriage, which you guys seem to really love. Here are the results.


Instead of Marriage (1), Jezebel readers voted to cancel Calling People “Human” (16), 69.3 percent to 30.7 percent. The next category was more neck and neck than I would’ve anticipated. You voted to cancel Men (9) over The Wing (8), 51.9 percent to 48.1 percent. That’s one of the tightest races in the tournament. Here’s one that was not: you’re over E M P O W E R M E N T (12) but not Women (5), 93.9 percent to 6.1 percent. Congratulations to women.

Personal Essays (4) can stay for now, but just barely over The Discourse (13)—50.8 percent voted to cancel online conversation over first-person takes, which received 49.2 percent of votes. Brands on Twitter (6) will advance over Astrology (11), 64.3 percent to 35.7 percent. Shocking: we’re killing off Celebrity Religious Cults (3) over E-Boys (14), 72.2 percent to 27.8 percent. But I support your support of youth trends. Robots (7) have left the chat, while The Moon (10) can stay for another day: 79.4 percent of people voted to cancel Alexa and her friends. And finally, at an impressive 62.6 percent, Cryptocurrency (15) is moving forward in the bracket over Cancel Culture (2) itself, which received only 37.4 percent of votes.

Now begins Round Two! Celebrities and Arts and Politics. What has to go: Offensive Comedians (16) or Kanye West (8)? How about Logan Paul (12) or The Kardashians (4)? As far as politics, is it Bret Stephens (16) or Alyssa Milano (9)? The FOX News Blondes (10) or But Her Emails (2)?

You have 24 hours to cast your vote below.

There are 8 questions in the form below. Once you vote, the next question will pop up. To go back and change a vote, click the arrows. Click “Submit” at the end to make sure your votes count! Remember you’re voting for the thing you’d like to be canceled.

Tomorrow, Round Two continues with Lifestyle themes and Concepts.

Here’s the updated bracket:

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Really glad we collectively agreed on cancelling calling people ‘humans’. I don’t know why it drives me nuts, but it does! An old dear friend of mine has taken to saying it and it’s faux quirky in the worst way. I feel like I should gently say something but IRL it’s hard, you know?