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Jezebel Supports Hollyboob

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The LA Times reports that six people were arrested “after scaling steep terrain around the iconic Hollywood sign and strategically changing it to convey what they said was a breast cancer awareness message.”

Seems fine to me.

The group was not officially named by law enforcement, but they are now in custody after rangers and a police helicopter corralled them with handcuffs on Monday. Chairman of the Hollywood Sign Trust, Mark Panatier, denounced the actions of the group in a statement, saying: “This is an icon that’s there for visual reinforcement of the importance of Hollywood, not just for the city of L.A. but to the world. It needs to be upheld, it doesn’t need to be demeaned.” It’s unclear at this time if Panatier could have made said statement any more self-important.


In light of these events, Jezebel must denounce the actions of the police and the Hollywood Sign Trust, and ask that the detainees be released immediately, following a grievous overreach of the law. Megan Reynolds, Jezebel staff writer, remarked: “Hollytitty sounds better but I understand they were working with what they had.” I disagree: Hollyboob sounds way cooler, but we universally agree that Hollywood is lame. Besides, nobody in Los Angeles even goes up there anyway, there are just too many tourists.

Amid news the group had been arrested, cries erupted from the Jezebel staff: “Free them!” Jezebel EIC Julianne Escobedo Shepherd said of Monday’s events:

The city of Los Angeles has allowed depictions of the Hollywood sign to be violently destroyed—sometimes even exploded—in many films, including disaster classics San Andreas, The Day After Tomorrow, and Sharknado. Yet when it comes to a harmless prank such as transforming the word “Hollywood” to read the more accurate “Hollyboob,” authorities and officials conveniently get up in arms. I think we know what this says about who is deemed important in Tinseltown, and as a New Yorker, I shall assert myself into Los Angeles’s business as is tradition, to declare this injustice an absolute disgrace. Free Hollyboob!

Ashley Reese, fellow Jezebel Angeleno, also renounced the Hollywood sign: “Hollyboob might be juvenile but why not switch things up a little? Hollywood, blah blah blah, we get it! Have a sense of humor!” Brandy Jensen, contributor and editor, added: “I like movies and big titties so of course I support this new sign.” Furthermore, Jezebel’s third Angeleno, Emily Alford, issued a biting criticism of the Hollywood Sign Trust: “As someone who loves Hollywood, signs, and boobs, who also has very little understanding of the situation, i can only say that this censorship is unconscionable and probably sexist unless it is not, in which case i never felt any way about anything.”

Previously, the sign was defaced to read “HOLLYWEED” in 2017. Jezebel retroactively issues our support for the Hollyweed sign as well.