Jezebel Bestie Andrea Tantaros Says to Get Rid of AP History

Andrea Tantaros, Fox News host and BIG TIME Jezebel fan, supports Oklahoma's House Common Education Committee's recent decision to cut funding for high school AP history courses. In fact, she thinks the subject—dubbed by her as meaningless liberal crap"—should be gotten rid of entirely.

After one of Tantaros' Outnumbered co-hosts (MTV's Kennedy Montgomery!) complained about the very existence of public schools and guest Judge Alex Ferrer (host of Judge Alex)—contrary to the show's popular opinion—advocated for a strong history curriculum (saying, "I think children should be raised knowing that their forefathers made mistakes too"), Tantaros disagreed.


Via Raw Story:

...Tantaros opined that the country would be better off if the Department of Education was abolished and Fox News pundits were put in charge of curriculum decisions instead.

"You know how I feel about the Department of Education and government bureaucracy and Washington, D.C. dictating what kids should be taught," she explained. "I think it's ridiculous. I agree with you on the charter school push, I wish there was a push where parents could have more choice."

"And it seems to me that the universities have always taught this sort of 'Let's apologize for all of the wrongdoing and the boar-headedness — boorish behavior of the United States of America,'" she continued. "It seems that's trickling down to our kids' level. And that is a problem."

"We are so behind so many countries in math and science. They are not even getting the basic education because they are getting this meaningless liberal crap everyday!"

But can we, according to Tantaros, teach history without a "liberal crap" bias? Sure! We just have to talk about more of the good things that America has done. "We just remember the bad more. You know, so to mix in good and maybe balance that out, I think it's excellent," she remarked. "It's not a bad thing."

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