Jewish Centers Around the Country Are Getting Hit With Wave After Wave of Bomb Threats

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Days after a Texas mosque was destroyed in a fire and a right-wing Internet troll murdered six worshipers at a Quebec mosque, at least 17 Jewish Community Centers across the U.S. have been targeted with bomb threats and evacuated, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports. This is the third wave of such threats to Jewish centers in January alone.


On January 9, bomb threats were reported at JCCs in Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee, Maryland, South Carolina, and Delaware; on January 18, as many as 27 bomb threats were reported at JCCs across 17 states. No explosives have been found in any of the reported incidents thus far.

In West Orange, New Jersey on Tuesday, reports that a woman called the center saying, “There is a bomb in the building”; when asked where, she said “I’m not going to tell you that” and hung up. After the previous series of threats, the Anti-Defamation League issued a security advisory “urging all communal institutions to take these threats extremely seriously.”

Donald Trump, whose close circle of advisors include a Jewish son-in-law and multiple white nationalists, has been winking at Nazis for some time now. Most recently, Trump sent out a statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day—the same day his White House announced their Muslim ban—that omitted the Jewish people entirely. “The president went out of his way to recognize the Holocaust,” spokesman Sean Spicer said defensively in response to the outcry, adding that “by and large he’s been praised for [the statement].”

This is, of course, not accurate. Even ultra-right wing financier Sheldon Adelson’s organization came out against it, though they assured themselves that the omission was an accident; it’s been noted that one of the few sources of praise for Trump’s revisionist statement is neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer.

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when asked for an official white house statement on these horrific threats, and more specifically why no statement had already been made, press secretary sean spicer reminded the press that all places of worship matter.