A young man (who has chosen to stay anonymous) recently received a very concerned voicemail from his grandmother after she read about the disturbing treatment of gay people that's currently dominating news about Russia and the Olympic Games in Sochi. The grandson — who is gay — is about to go traveling and his bubbe wants to insure that he stays out of harm's way.

From Tablet:

Side note: His trip is to Southeast Asia.

The man posted the message and the following message to his Tumblr:

Grandma keeps abreast of gay rights news and has some cautionary words about a potential trip to Russia for Sochi.

Heartwarming waking up to this voicemail. A testament to the cultural divide.

BTW, I returned the phone call.

The voicemail is sweet and funny, but also a heartbreaking reminder of some very real dangers in the world. Anyway, we should all be so lucky to have a lady like this looking out for us.


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