Jesus Fresco Nail Art is the Best Thing in the World

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Today in Holy Shit, Why Has This Not Happened Sooner/Get On My Hand At Once: a nail artist has taken a botched Spanish Jesus fresco restoration and turned it into nail art so beautiful the pictures of saints on my walls are crying tears of blood-red OPI polish.

The genius behind the riff on, uh, opposite-genius is LA-area art visionary Madeleine Poole, who showcased the oh-so-topical design on her nail studio's Tumblr page today. Looks expensive, but I'd probably pay an embarrassing amount of money for it.

However, as with all wonderful things, there may not be smooth sailing ahead for Poole. If word of the newest iteration of WolfChrist gets all the way to the Iberian peninsula, the old lady responsible for the Jesus-shaped beast smear might want a cut of the profits. And she's litigious.


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I have only ever had my nails done once and that was for prom. I would love to get my nails done like this but I am one of those people that talks herself out of everything. I'd figure that it would just chip right off and be a waste of time and money. I'm gonna do it one day.