This lyric could be about needing the jolt of a hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven Pop-Tart® to start your day off right:

Hands up I need you awake

This one could be about needing to adjust your toaster’s heat setting because your boring roommate doesn’t like their Pop-Tarts® as hot as you do:

I think its time to turn it turn it up right now

This could be about pushing people out of the way when you’re racing through your grocery store’s breakfast aisle to pick up some sweet, sweet Pop-Tarts®:

We about to change the pace we’re gonna need some space get out the way so sorry to interrupt


This might be about needing Pop-Tarts® inside your body not just some days, but every single day that you live and breathe:

Not tomorrow I need that today

This could be about how quickly Jessie J, presumed lover of Pop-Tarts®, consumes her Pop-Tarts®.

Watch me blow through and do it

And this one could be about how sometimes you just need to tell the world how much you love Pop-Tarts®, the best breakfast (or anytime) food in all the land:

I got something to say

Attention please

Or maybe it’s not about Pop-Tarts® at all.

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