Jessica Simpson's Brand Has Nothin' But a [Billion Dollar] T-Shirt On

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The real Jessica Simpson has been a Southern girl with her Levi’s on and an open heart for quite some time, but now she’s also the name behind a brand that makes $1 billion in annual sales. BuzzFeed reports that the billion-dollar figure is “more than the revenue at American Apparel, Bebe and Sotheby’s.”

The release disclosed that annual retail sales for the brand, founded in 2005, are about $1 billion, which it’s often been estimated at. That’s up from the $750 million that New York magazine said it brought in during 2010.


Go ahead, Jessica - let your hair down and say anything crazy. Your pile of money will catch you right before you hit the ground.

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Back when I worked in retail and cared about fashion and shoes (before I ruined my ankle) and shopped in malls and such (DISCOUNTS) I loved her stuff. However, I found that her shoes tended to run narrow, and my feet are not narrow. That didn’t really stop me, though.

Her line has staying power. I think the fact that the designers pay attention to fashion, they don’t try to be edgy or too forward, they pick stuff that will flatter and attract the eye while making you feel good about yourself (until you realize that the sizes run small) means a lot. ALSO, you can also find a really good looking pair of shoes or a purse by her without even realizing it’s by her until you look at the tag. So you don’t feel like a brand whore.