Jessica Chastain Wishes She'd Told Producer Who Flirted With Her to 'Fuck Off'

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Jessica Chastain, talking to Marie Claire on the phone while running errands, told a story about a producer who once flirted with her and got increasingly upset when Chastain didn’t flirt back. “When I look back, there are moments when I’m like, ugh,” she recalled. “For months, I tried to make it light, laugh it off. Now I wish I had just told him to fuck off.”


The interview leaves it at that, with no further details on the producer’s identity or what happened next. Chastain added that when she was younger and just starting out as an actor, she had a habit of being a people pleaser:

“I used to be so obsessed with wanting to accommodate others. Like, in the beginning of my career, when I had ideas about my character or a scene, I felt like I had to go through the male actors. I’d go to them and say, ‘Ooooh, what are we going to do?’ And they’d say, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.’ They would go to the director and the director would take them seriously.”

Too many women (and anyone who isn’t a straight white man) can relate to this dynamic, but I’d like to remind Chastain there’s still time. If she ever sees that producer again, she can flip him the bird.

[Marie Claire]

On to slightly happier news—well, slightly funnier—well, yes, it’s also kind of serious, but everyone’s fine so it’s funny! Jason Momoa had to make an emergency landing in Palm Springs because his private jet almost caught fire. “Well, we got a slight delay,” Momoa told his followers on Instagram. “Half hour out from Palm Springs, the plane wanted to start a fire. What’s up guys!” The last part, he’s yelling out to someone off-camera, just like the cool, nice guy you always imagined Momoa to be.

In truth, there never was an engine fire, per TMZ; it was a false alarm, according to the Palm Spring Fire Department. As for Momoa, he got “another private jet” to take him to Phoenix for his business meeting, so that’s what it’s like to be rich.

The best part of this story is that the Palm Spring Fire Department was stoked to meet Momoa, as would I.



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Good for Prince William for working on it! (Side note: I followed the link and would argue this characterization is unfair, sounds like he’s trying to get better, not just playing incompetent dad.)

Men throwing up their hands when it comes to their daughters’ hair is one of my top parenting pet peeves. Your wives/baby mommas do not have some sort of mystical, estrogen-driven soul connection to your daughters’ hair, they just have practice using hair ties. FIGURE IT OUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. (*)

* This applies to basically every task related to the care of small children.