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Jessica Chastain and Salma Hayek are Bosom Buddies

Illustration for article titled Jessica Chastain and Salma Hayek are Bosom Buddies

There are two kinds of friends you drag into a poorly-lit fitting room when trying on clothes: the kind who lie right to your face and tell you that everything looks good no matter what, and the kind who encourage you to buy a top that exposes one of your breasts.


As was the case at this Monday's YSL show at Paris Fashion Week, where fast friends Salma Hayek and Jessica Chastain were spotted mingling and bemusing on the designer's fall/winter show.

Says Salma Hayek: "We talked about female empowerment... I'm much older than Jessica, but it reminds me of the '80s: a little punk, but chic. A different take on it: very strong, very sexy, very feminine ... I loved every single piece. Well, (apart from) the one with the boob out, (that) I don't know that I can ever wear. Yes, Jessica can."


Jessica Chastain was a bit more, er, reserved in her response ("I thought I could wear that with a bra!)—but, I'm sorry: if someone with Salma Hayek's breasts tells you to go on and rock a quasi-topless top, you put your body hangups to the side, and you do it.

[AP Online]

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