Jesse James: "I Have Started Life Over"

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In a new People interview promoting his memoir, Jesse James says of the cheating scandal that ended his marriage to Sandra Bullock, "Everything got ripped to shreds ... I was at my breaking point." However, he says his ensuing 30-day stint in rehab changed his life. "I always felt out of place my whole life," says James. "I never felt successful, never felt I deserved anything." While he takes "full accountability" for betraying Sandy, he adds. "I'm moving forward, thinking clearly and becoming a better person. ... I have started life over." [People]


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Rick Springfield was arrested last night on suspicion of drunk driving. He failed several field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI. [UPI]

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Flavor Flav was arrested on Friday in Las Vegas. Officers pulled him over and ran his name and found out he has four offenses on his record, including driving without proof of insurance, a parking violation, and two cases of driving without a license. [Rolling Stone]

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A "hipster source" reports Mel Gibson left a club with a young lady. "He was sitting really close to her and talking into her ear," says the source. "He was wearing a buttoned-up dark blue flannel shirt and looked very old and worn down." [E!]

  • Breaking J.R.R. Tolkien news: Author Stephen Hillard has worked out a deal with his estate to publish a book that features Tolkien as a fictional character. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • More important J.R.R. Tolkien news: Pushing Daisies cutie Lee Pace has been cast as Thranduil the Elven King in The Hobbit! [Deadline]
  • Confederate flag enthusiast Kid Rock accepted the Detroit NAACP's Great Expectations Award on Sunday. He says he only uses the flag on stage because it's part of the "Southern rock tradition." He added during his acceptance speech, "I love America, I love Detroit and I love black people." [Rolling Stone]
  • Jeremy Renner and Jane Montgomery of Human Target may or may not be dating. [Perez]
  • The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray over Michael Jackson's death has been delayed until September. [AP]
  • Teen Mom Amber Portwood's car and home were vandalized on Sunday. Someone spray painted "slut," "hoe," and "fucker" on her car, and egged her house. [Us]
  • Chris Colfer says of the show he's developing for the Disney Channel, "I've always wanted to write and I've always been kind of a secret closeted writer. I honestly never had any intentions of being a part of it and it just sort of fell into my lap. People asked me do you want to do this and I said, 'Yes, absolutely, why not?' It's a great little side gig, a great hobby!" [Access Hollywood]
  • Will Ferrell on the Anchorman sequel: "It's a little peculiar. On the one hand, [we were] being begged to do a sequel for such a long time, and then we finally came up with a concept that we liked, we talked to [Paramount] and everyone was up for it. And then to get the reaction we got, yeah, it's slightly puzzling to us. But you know what? It's also their money. They get to do or not do whatever they want. So we'll see." [Us]
  • Leighton Meester threatened to quit Gossip Girl if they wouldn't let her star in Country Strong. "When Country Strong came up though, I threatened everybody including my manager, my agent and everybody I worked with. I was like, 'If I can't do this, if we can't work out the schedule, I'm moving to Costa Rica, I'm turning off my phone and I'm never going to work again,'" she said. "I was bluffing of course but it worked." [Digital Spy]



I really miss Pushing Daisies. There continues to be absolutely nothing at all on television that rivals the whimsical sweetness that was that show.

The pie shop shaped like a pie, the leading lady with a boys name, the two kooky, old aunts - it was like reading a Roald Dahl book. Sigh.