Jersey Shore Cast Members Just Not That Into Italians

The cast of MTV's Jersey Shore sat down with Good Morning America to discuss all of the sordid details of their Italian season abroad. One problem: three of the girls are off the market — and all of the cast agrees that they are not attracted to the local Italians. (But they're not attracted to the blonde, American college girls, either.)

Apparently, Italian men don't fit the mold: "To be honest, there was no guys to be looking at in the clubs, so it made it easy. I like 6'4", tattooed, muscles," said JWoww. Snooki continued, "There's no Ron's walkin' around, and they dress different: like tight clothes and stuff like that." But it gets worse, she says: "I can't go out and creep anymore."

The guys of the house were equally bored with the Italian women and focused on American tourists and study-abroad participants instead. The Situation admitted that he only brought one Italian girl (but "35 Americans") home from the club. They all agreed that there was a lot of blonde-haired, blue eyed midwestern college girls living in Florence, whom Vinny said were "just not my style."


Other sad things learned in this interview? Ron and Sam are back together (audible groan) and the tradition of the "smush room" does indeed go abroad. Classy as usual.

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