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Jerry Seinfeld's Refusal to Hug Kesha Is Now a Beautiful Work of Art

Last Monday, reality TV-hating comedian Jerry Seinfeld refused to hug international pop star (and Jerry Seinfeld fan) Kesha when she approached him on the red carpet at the Kennedy Center. Her request was met with a curt, “No thanks,” Seinfeld explained that he simply had no idea who she was, and the internet laughed about a widely-shared video of the exchange for days.


But, as the rising popularity of vinyl records and instant photography proves, society will always prefer a physical manifestation of art to its digital counterpart, and an Australian artist named Lush knows it. His recently completed mural immortalizes the failed hug (complete with a text bubble containing “No thanks”), and can currently be seen on a wall in Melbourne.

Though I’m not sure precisely where the mural was painted, I’m sure interested parties will be able to find it by following the hordes of excited Instagram users looking to add it to their stories.

Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man

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The uproar over this feels so much like a double standard. It’s ok to turn down a hug. Can you imagine if an unknown man approached a starlet on the red carpet and repeatedly asked for a hug while the starlet repeatedly declined politely? We’d be talking about a man’s assumption that he can touch whomever he wants.

I’m not saying Bobby is making that argument, just the internetz in general.