Jesus Christ, can this woman not catch a break? On the red carpet before last night’s National Night of Laughter and Song at the Kennedy Center, Kesha approached Jerry Seinfeld to say she loved him and then asked for a hug.


“No thanks,” said Seinfeld.

“Please?” said Kesha.

“No thanks,” repeated Seinfeld.

“A little one,” Kesha proposed.

“Yeah, no thanks,” said Seinfeld.

After Kesha let out a deflated sigh and stalked off, Seinfeld told Tommy McFly, whose interview Kesha had crashed, “I don’t know who that was.”

“That was Kesha,” said McFly.

“OK, well, I wish her the best,” said Seinfeld. Except he doesn’t. He wishes her a life without a hug she so desperately wants. You think you want a more honest society, where people feel free to state what they want and what they don’t, and then you watch a friendly human deflate over a thwarted hug and you end up not knowing what to think.


Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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