Jermaine Jackson Pleads 'Let Him Rest' Regarding New Michael Jackson Sex Abuse Allegations

In the first televised interview from a Jackson family member after the Sundance premiere of Leaving Neverland, which details alleged sexual abuse perpetrated by Michael Jackson on two underage boys, a choked-up Jermaine Jackson pleaded, “Just leave us alone. Leave him alone. Let him rest. Please, let him rest. He deserves to rest.”


In an almost 10-minute interview on Wednesday’s episode of Good Morning Britain, Jermaine upheld his family’s stated position that Wade Robson and James Safechuck, the documentary subjects who claim to be survivors of Michael’s abuse, are “admitted liars.”

Jermaine referenced Robson’s testimony at Michael’s 2005 criminal trial—Robson was the first witness called by the defense and repeatedly denied Michael had acted inappropriately with him, though he did recall sleeping in the same bed as Jackson various times from age 7 to 13. When asked if Michael molested him, Robson, then 22, said, “Absolutely not.”

“Under oath, he said what he said,” said Jermaine. “If they would rather believe a documentary than looking at what was said under oath in front of a judge, jury, everything. ‘Absolutely not. He did not touch me. Absolutely not.’”

Of course, applying cut-and-dried logic in instances of abuse ignores particulars like trauma’s lasting effects or survivors’ potentially changing levels of comfort with telling their stories. Robson’s testimony is not necessarily proof that he wasn’t abused, it’s just proof of what he said on the witness stand that day.

Jermaine said he’s “1,000 percent” sure of his brother’s innocence and called the allegations in Finding Neverland “nonsense.” He was asked if he’s seen the documentary but he did not answer the question. Regarding Robson’s sharing of Michael’s bed as a child, Jermaine said, “Those were slumber parties.” He said little girls were there as well, and the children were accompanied by parents and uncles. “They were sitting down, watching movies,” said Jermaine.

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He is dead. He is at rest. Nobody’s making his corpse do anything.