Jennifer Lopez Still Finds Marc Antony 'Sexy,' Her Mother Disagrees

Jennifer Lopez dropped by The Wendy Williams Show — with her mother Guadalupe — and dished on her life, love and her "small" but sexy ex-husband Marc Anthony. Williams has long said that she hopes the divorced couple will reunite despite their split four years ago, but the funny part is J.Lo's mother's reaction to that idea — I don't think she could've shook her head "no" any harder.

Wendy and J.Lo also cleared up a few rumors. J.Lo is single, which means she's not dating Dancing With the Stars guy, she took the divorce from Anthony pretty hard because it wasn't just "me breaking up with some guy," and instead of going to therapy while doing her post-split "soul searching," she read a bunch of self-help books. Oh, and J.Lo won't ever date Pitbull because he's "Mr. Worldwide and he ain't got no time for me." Dale.


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