Jennifer Lopez Is Reportedly Dating Former Baseball Megastar Alex Rodriguez

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Image via Getty

Jennifer Lopez, last seen kinda-sorta saying that she would kinda-sorta no longer be dating younger men while she was kinda-sorta-but-not-really dating Drake for PR reasons, is reportedly dating fellow New York native Alex Rodriguez.


The relationship was first reported by LoveBScott and later confirmed by Page Six, among others. Per the aforementioned reports, A-Rod and J-Lo have been seeing each other “on-and-off” for a few months and he apparently came out to Vegas to hang out backstage during her residency at Planet Hollywood.

Us Weekly identifies Rodriguez as “the Fox Sports analyst,” which is rather amusing and technically true, since A-Rod just got hired on to work for Fox during the upcoming baseball season. All the reports cite the fact that she liked Rodriguez’s Instagram photo announcing his new gig, which, I dunno.


For the record, I’m into neither A.Lo nor J-Rod, so hopefully we don’t go down that road.

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Men of Jezebel, things got much better in the later afternoon, and thank you. 🎈