Jennifer Lopez Did a Dramatic Reading of 'Baby Got Back' for Obvious Reasons

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Here’s video of Jennifer Lopez doing a poetic reading of Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s ass classic “Baby Got Back” for W, which is apt because she’s the very inspiration for the song.


Way before the popular injected butts of today ran rampant, J. Lo’s was worthy of admiration back when she was a Fly Girl on In Living Color, which is around the time Sir-Mix-A-Lot became a fan.

Although he made sure to specifically praise black women’s asses lyrically, it’s clear he just liked big butts in general. “So Cosmo says you’re fat,” reads J. Lo, who covers the May issue of W . “Well, I ain’t down with that.”

In the cover story, J. Lo talks about her early days discovering fame and how being a judge on American Idol has changed people’s perception of her.

“It has been easier. People may now think I’m ‘nice,’ but they still act surprised when I’m smart,” she says. “It’s a man’s world, and, truly, people in a business setting do not value a woman as much as a man. I feel like I’m constantly having to prove myself. If a man does one thing well, people immediately say he’s a genius. Women have to do something remarkable over and over and over. And, even then, they get questions about their love life.”

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They made her look like KLo on that cover.

Even down to the “fish gape”.