Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith 'Talked About' Remaking A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born has been celebrated (or at least discussed) across the universe (or at least the internet), but what if instead of Bradley Cooper wanting to take another look at Lady Gaga, it had been Will Smith wanting to take another look at Jennifer Lopez? Would that have even made sense? It could have happened.

“Oh yeah,” an antsy looking J. Lo said in response to an interview question about whether she and Will Smith had, in fact, been in talks about the project. “Will and I talked about it, talked about developing the script. It just never took off. Projects are like that.”

I admit I am among the tiny fraction of sentient beings on the planet who hasn’t seen the movie, but I have seen the trailer, and I have seen Cooper’s weathered face peering out of a partially open car window at Gaga saying “Hey,” etc. I’m just not convinced Will Smith could ever look that beaten up. Is that a key component of the film? If it’s not, why does Cooper look like he’d been left in the desert heat to bake for 30 years? Gaga’s character, Ally, also says in the trailer that people have not liked the way she looks, which is not something we can realistically say of Lopez. 


Based on another viewing of the trailer, I can confidently conclude: Had Will Smith and J. Lo been involved, this would have been a very different movie. 

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Jennifer doesn’t have a good enough singing voice to play the part. The character has an amazing voice but doesn’t have the look. I’ve also never heard Will Smith actually sing but then again I didn't think Bradley could sing either.