Exhibit B:


Though some might argue that’s a lot of ego for one relationship, it seems to have worked out pretty well for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West so far. Sometimes the only person who can understand a large ego is another large ego, and I imagine they’re more likely than others to entertain that quality in each other.

JLO and A-Rod are the type of celebrities who seem to enjoy some semblance of privacy, but understand the importance of the publicity machine far too much to go Kerry Washington or Julia Roberts-style. That whole Instagram fake-out is a perfect example. If they really wanted to keep things quiet, Jennifer wouldn’t have posted that damn picture. But she gave us just enough to keep the gossip world interested and poised themselves perfectly for some bigger, more lucrative relationship announcement.


Perhaps more than anything, without knowing either of them personally, I’d guess either only wants so much out of this relationship. Alex lives in Miami while Jennifer calls LA home for now. I doubt either of them is going to pack up and schlep their kids to a new city. Jennifer has already had more marriages than most and A-Rod didn’t seem to do a great job at his marriage.

No, this relationship provides them with just enough companionship for when both of their busy schedules allow, an even greater public interest in their personal lives and a built in power couple status that can only make them both more valuable. What else could they possibly need?