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Jennifer Lawrence's Wikipedia Page Hacked to Feature Nude Photos

Illustration for article titled Jennifer Lawrences Wikipedia Page Hacked to Feature Nude Photos

Jennifer Lawrence's Wikipedia was hacked Tuesday evening so that the page's featured photo briefly alternated between two of her nude photos that were stolen and put online in late August.

Illustration for article titled Jennifer Lawrences Wikipedia Page Hacked to Feature Nude Photos

The original photo is a Creative Commons picture uploaded by Gage Skidmore from an appearance Lawrence made at Comic Con in 2013. The page was returned to its normal state after no less than 20 minutes.


Lawrence's page is "semi-protected," which means that in order to edit it you have to be a registered member of Wikipedia. Legitimate edits users made today added some of the comments the actress made to Vanity Fair concerning the stolen nudes she had taken for private use.

Update: After looking at their records, a representative from the Wikimedia Foundation explained that it appears that at 21:52 UTC, a user uploaded the first image to the comments page the hosts the image file itself, keeping the title of the original file. It was then deleted 14 minutes later. At 22:12, the second image was uploaded, but then deleted four minutes later. It appears that the account in question was not associated with any of Wikipedia's editors but was a sock puppet - an account made to look as though it was legitimate. In order to remove the images entirely, a Wikipedia administrator deleted the entire comments page and started again, which is why no record of the edits or that file exists on history page.

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Ah yes, why don't we make up for being called out as being a sex criminal by demonstrating exactly why this is a sex crime and not a scandal? The stupidity of these people - good that wiki-editors caught it quickly.