Jennifer Lawrence Would Rather Look Chubby Than Like A Scarecrow

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Jennifer Lawrence — aka The Hunger Games's Katniss Everdeen — is smoking hot on the cover of Flare magazine. Inside, she says: "I don't really diet or anything. I'm miserable when I'm dieting and I like the way I look. I'm really sick of all these actresses looking like birds... I'd rather look a little chubby on camera and look like a person in real life, than look great onscreen and look like a scarecrow in real life." Be sure and click through to see the beautiful cover and interior shots. [E!]
FYI: The Hunger Games cast has been thrown into boot camp, where they will learn archery, sword fighting and martial arts. [E!]

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Amber Portwood was in court yesterday, and left crying after being told she will have to stand trial for felony domestic battery. When the Teen Mom star hit her ex, Gary Shirley, it was caught on camera. Nevertheless, Gary was in the courtroom to support Amber — and even kissed her before she left the courthouse. Amber cannot see her daughter while all this is going on. Dramz. [E!]


Next week's American Idol mentor: Lady Gaga. First teaching: Perilous Platforms 101. Second teaching: Sexy Biblical Metaphors. Third teaching: Advanced Wig Wearing. [Digital Spy]

Did you know? On September 11, Gaga watched the Twin Towers fall from the roof of her high school in New York, and then she and her father waited for ten hours to hear if her mom, Cynthia, who worked across the street from the World Trade Center, was okay. [Page Six]

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Damn, Alicia Keys looks stunning on the cover of Essence. [The Life Files]

  • Christina Aguilera was spotted at a bar with her boyfriend and a friend and some pizza boxes. Stars! Just like us. [Page Six]
  • Breaking: Catherine Middleton, The Duchess Of Cambridge, went grocery shopping and pushed her own cart. [Daily Mail]
  • Shh! You guys! Kanye West and Jay-Z are working on music together, and it's getting really serious. A spy says the process is "intense — no Beyoncé and no booze." [Page Six]
  • George Clooney turns 50 today! Happy Birthday! [Contact Music]
  • Here are pictures of Natlie Portman's fiancé dancing in slim-cut trousers for a Yves Saint Laurent commercial. [ONTD]
  • Wednesday night, Blake Shelton Tweeted: "Any man that tries touching my behind — he's gonna be a beaten, bleedin', heaving kind of guy." GLAAD demanded that he apologize, but Blake Tweeted: "Hey y'all allow me to seriously apologize for the misunderstanding with the whole re-write on the Shania song last night… It honestly wasn't even meant that way... I now know that their are people out there waiting to jump at everything I say on here or anywhere." And: "when it comes to gay/lesbian rights or just feelings... I love everybody. So go look for a real villain and leave me out of it!!!" Yeah, that is not an apology or even an recognition of wrong-doing. Ugh, plus, an insider says: "Blake is so not a homophobe… He's extremely gay friendly. The man loves the Golden Girls!" WTF. Dude. I liked it better when I didn't know who you were. [Us]
  • Remember when Nicolas Cage was arrested in New Orleans? Well. "No charges of any kind will be pursued against him." [Contact Music]
  • Yes. What terminally troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan needs right now is to join a cuckoo cult founded by a sci-fi writer in the '50s. Thank you so much, John Travolta, for introducing her to Scientology. This can only well. Praise Xenu. [Showbiz Spy]
  • Earlier this week, we saw video in which Paris Hilton mocked Lindsay Lohan. Now Lindsay says: "Paris is mean." [London Evening Standard]
  • "Chris Brown's mother is urging the singer to open up about the events that led up to his brutal attack on Rihanna so he can 'learn to deal with it' and move past his anger problems." [WonderWall]
  • I fully support Katy Perry's dream of being in a remake of Mary Poppins. Obviously she's no Julie Andrews, but I can see her with a wacky umbrella and the spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Also, she thinks Russell Brand would make a good Bert, and I must agree. [Digital Spy]
  • BTW: Ever since Katy Perry's proposal was ruined, she swore off Google. "I'm four months Google-free. I don't Google myself any more. That was my New Year's resolution. I don't read papers. I don't even look at reviews. I have a good team around me so if anything pops up that's really good or bad I'll know about it. Generally I feel much better being able to live my life like a normal person and not read yesterday's news." [CelebSlam]
  • They're making a movie out of popular pregnancy manual What To Expect When You're Expecting (?!?!), and Cameron Diaz might star. [Huffington Post]
  • Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife Brandi Glanville is joining the cast of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, and Eddie says he will threaten legal action if their children appear on the show. [TMZ]
  • "Jesse James reveals in his new autobiography that after his affairs on then-wife Sandra Bullock went public he received a text message from Robert Downey Jr. that simply stated: 'What a glorious shitstorm.'" [Radar]
  • Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton has given birth to her second child, a boy named Tate. [Contact Music]
  • Bryan Adams named his newborn daughter Mirabella Bunny, which is awesome. He says: "She arrived like all good Easter bunnies on Easter Friday." [Contact Music]
  • RIP writer/director Arthur Laurents, known for West Side Story and Gypsy. [Deadline New York]

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Katy Perry should NOT be Mary Poppins. I will accept Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway, or any like substitute. I'm not completely against a Russell Brand Bert, but for some reason think Justin Timberlake would do a reasonable job, otherwise I would like an unknown from Broadway. Not that I've thought a lot about the possible re-casting of my second favorite movie ever.