Jennifer Lawrence Went to a Coldplay Show and Knew Every Word

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The Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Martin romance continues apace: last night, clad in a crop top, Jennifer Lawrence watched her boyfriend engage in melodic moaning about feelings and stars and crap. Martin Lawrence (as all of their fans call them, probably) is real.


According to an onlooker: "She knew every word to every song and there was a glisten in her eye as she watched Chris perform. She couldn't take her eyes off him." She also ignored Harry Styles to fixate upon the maudlin bard doing some instruments or whatever it is Coldplay gets up to. "Jennifer stared adoringly at Chris, both hands in the hair, dancing and singing along to 'Magic,'" the source said. WHAT IS "MAGIC"? DOES JENNIFER LAWRENCE KNOW THE COLDPLAY B-SIDES? HELP.

Your best friend Jennifer Lawrence looooooves songs about clocks. [E!]


Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have pledged to help the last living Titanic survivor pay for her nursing home fees :') They've reportedly thrown their support behind a fund meant to help her, and they said in a statement that "they hoped [the survivor] could rest easier knowing that her future was secure." Is it getting dusty in here or...? [ONTD]

Beyoncé is reportedly telling her friends that baby no. 2 is on the way, but, like, at this point we are all so weary and downtrodden from the endless stream of pregnancy rumors that nothing means anything to us as a populace. What is baby? How girl get pregnant? We don't know anymore. [Hollywood Life]

  • Rob Kardashian keeps tweeting about having a son and a baby mama, leading the world to believe that he has a son and a baby mama. Here is an article providing extensive background information about this that describes him as a "floundering sock designer." [Radar]
  • "Zac Efron is So Hot He's Probably Causing the California Heat Wave." Probably! [Just Jared]
  • Joan Rivers' doctor says she did not take a selfie while the comedian was under anesthesia. [TMZ]
  • Under the influence of cheerful Victorian ghost Taylor Swift, Lorde purchased several old-timey paper doll books. [MTV]
  • Here is a video of Justin Bieber cooking up human suffering in his wok of chaos. Selena Gomez is there! [ONTD]
  • In response to rumors that she wished death upon her fans, Ariana Grande screamed "LOVE" into an abyss for several hours straight. [DListed]
  • Julian Casablancas says he left New York City because "I don't know how many, like, white people having brunch I can deal with on a Saturday afternoon." Fair enough. [Page Six]
  • As one would expect, Liam Neeson smells terrific. Specifically: "Imagine what terrific smells like and know that's what Liam Neeson smells like." [Page Six]
  • This very deceitful headline lead me to believe that Lil Bit from Party Down South's skincare line is giving people rashes. It isn't, even. I am so disappointed. [TMZ]

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