Jennifer Lawrence Says She Did Not Have an Affair With Chris Pratt, Alright?

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Jennifer Lawrence denies that she and Chris Pratt had an affair...on the set of Passengers, specifically. HMM. As she told Marc Maron on his podcast:

“I never had an affair with Chris Pratt on Passengers. That’s a good one…” she said, when asked about the weirdest rumors she’s heard about herself.

“I mean, they got a divorce like two years later and everybody was like, [shouting] ‘Jennifer Lawrence!’ And I was like, ‘What the...what, I’m in Montreal two years later.’”


She also discussed her unlikely relationship with Very Serious Artist Darren Aronofsky, whom she met while he was casting for his mega-flop of a film, mother!

“He flew in, pitched me, left. The whole thing was probably an hour and a half, and then I was like, ‘He’s hot.’”

“I remember I was holding my dog and I shut the door and when the door shut I went, ‘Pippy, that’s called sexual tension.’ He played hard to get for like nine months, maybe longer, which just killed me.”

I wonder what else Pippy knows.

[Us Weekly]

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