Jennifer Lawrence on Her New Dior Campaign: 'Of Course It's Photoshop, People Don't Look Like That'

Jennifer Lawrence agrees with you that her new Dior campaign doesn't look very much like her. "Oh my god, I haven't seen this," she told Access Hollywood upon being shown the ads for the first time. "That doesn't look like me at all. I love Photoshop more than anything in the world. Of course it's Photoshop, people don't look like that."


How refreshing that Lawrence actually acknowledged something that's completely obvious to the rest of us with eyes that work — that those ads, like every image of a woman in advertising or magazine editorial photography that isn't explicitly stated to be otherwise, have been heavily manipulated — but which there seems to be a taboo against talking about in Hollywood. (Nobody wants to jeopardize her big-$$$ luxury brand contract!) Yes, it's Photoshop. People don't look like that. Not even Jennifer Lawrence looks like that. It's simple but it's the truth.

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