Jennifer Lawrence and Other Celebs Recite Rob Ford's Crack Statement

Last week on The Late Show, David Letterman rounded up some of his celebrity guests to do a Ken Burns-style reading of the statement recently given by Toronto Mayor/downward spiral Rob Ford regarding his use of crack cocaine.


Jennifer Lawrence, Vince Vaughn, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jonah Hill and Martha Stewart all participated in the dramatic recitation and dramatic it certainly was — although maybe it's a little weird for the same famous people who are always decrying violations of their own privacy to make fun of someone who's clearly having a very public breakdown?

Oh, well. It's Rob Ford! Kooky crack clown of Canada! The people will stop making jokes when he stops barreling over councilwomen during televised city council meetings.


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ugh. I am born and have lived in Toronto my whole life, and I am tired of this. Enough already. I get it, it's funny, but we have to live with this lout as our Mayor.