Jennifer Garner Jokes That She's Dating Brad Pitt to Pesky Paparazzi

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

Jennifer Garner was recently out and about in Los Angeles, enjoying a post-workout coffee when, naturally, a swarm of paparazzi descended upon her. But rather than flipping the bird and proceeding with her day, she told the buzzards that she and Brad Pitt are now dating.

“You’re dating Brad Pitt?” asks the man filming her. “Yeah!” she laughs.

From the video it’s pretty evident that Garner is joking. She’s strolling with a pal and clearly has little time for this nonsense. But the flippancy of her remark won’t stop the Hollywood rumor mill from cranking its gears.


[E! News]

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Although Toni Braxton was recently hospitalized for lupus treatment, she is now at home in Los Angeles, resting. Initial reports referred to her being admitted to a hospital in Atlanta, which is not the case. She was, however, treated in a Los Angeles hospital.

“She’s resting at home, and she’s fine,” said her manager, Craig Baumgarten. “She was not in serious condition, though lupus is a horrible, terrible disease and must be monitored at all times. Doctors released her and cleared her.”


Braxton announced her diagnosis in 2010, remarking that it’s most difficult to manage when she performs.

Rehearsals for her “The Hits” tour begin soon. Take care, Toni.

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Little miss needs a new name

If I were famous I would fuck with paparazzi like this all the time. “I’m pregnant!” “I’m dating Jennifer Lawrence!” “I just got cast as the next Batman!”