Jennifer Egan Wins Pulitzer Prize In Fiction

Jennifer Egan has won the Pulitzer Prize in fiction for her excellent novel A Visit From The Goon Squad. That's the second big award for her this year — maybe now maybe she can get her own picture in the paper.


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Am I the only Jezzie who didn't think A Visit From the Goon Squad was that great? I don't mean to steal Jennifer Egan's thunder — she seems to be hardworking and talented novelist and of course it's always nice to see some women represented in the big name prizes in the literary world. But, I found A Visit from the Goon Squad incredibly uneven. Of course there were some really beautiful and inventive chapters but... the last chapter? Wherein it is apparently "the future" because everyone uses texting abbreviations all the time? It kind of ruined the whole book for me. Maybe I'm the only one.