I don’t fault her for leaving but I do think she should have informed the roommate that the ghost had a vendetta. Maybe the ghost wasn’t the only one carrying a grudge!



Yesterday, Jacquees, a short king, kicked the R&B singer hornet’s nest when he proclaimed himself “the King of R&B.” This prompted several other male crooners to respond, that no, actually, they are in fact the true kings of the genre. The subtweets and instagrams flew. J. Holiday filmed his response in a parking lot, prompting someone to ask whether he was the valet. Holiday informed the patron that he was obviously not the parking attendant, as he was wearing a Gucci sweater. Trey Songz posted a laughing emoji. R. Kelly reminded us, once again, that he is not in prison. John Legend said that there is no king right now, but mentioned The Weeknd and Bruno. The Dream and Omarion chimed in. None of them are kings of the genre, in my book, but I appreciate the content.