Jennifer Aniston on Rachel's Nipples: I Don't Know What to Tell Ya

Image via AP.
Image via AP.

Expecting to click through this Vogue interview with Jennifer Aniston and read a transcript of an Aveeno commercial, I was pleasantly surprised. This is somebody who says shit!

This is the context:

Who gives a shit?

Say hello to Jennifer Aniston, a person, who–when asked about gossip magazines’ incessant speculation over when this sadsack plans to get married and have babies already–responds that she has a life.

I couldn’t hear this narrative anymore about being pregnant or not pregnant; you have no idea what is going on personally in our lives and why that is or is not happening and it feels. . . In my own brain, I’ve shifted my perspective, so who gives a shit! If you’re going to walk out and have your nipples showing, or your belly is a little bloated, or you’re not at the weight you want to be—you are perfect no matter what you are and no matter where you are and who cares!


We even get a reply to the decades-long discussion of Rachel’s nipples’ supporting role on Friends.

Someone recently called you the OG of #FreeTheNipple because of how often Rachel’s nipples showed through her outfits.

Yeah, I don’t know what to say about that! It’s just one of those things, I guess. I wear a bra, I don’t know what to tell ya! And I don’t know why we’re supposed to be ashamed of them—it’s just the way my breasts are! But hey, OG, I’m not going to complain!

Satisfied? No? Well Jennifer Aniston dgas.

Sinead O’Connor is not doing well. She’s reportedly been hospitalized and has just posted the latest in a string of confessional videos on her struggle with three mental illnesses starting with one from a Travelodge in New Jersey, shaky and teary describing her isolation and mental illness. “It’s a bit like drugs, it doesn’t give a shit who you are,” she’d said. “And suddenly all the people who are supposed to be loving you and taking care of you are treating you like shit.”


Fiona Apple posted a fan video to tell her that she’s not alone.

The weddings on Don’t Tell the Bride–a British reality TV show about couples, culminating in marriage–are not(!) legally binding, according to allegations by one anonymous groom. The Sun’s source says that the whole sham was written into their contracts, so technically they could have got away with a televised party scott-free. My god.


“[W]e had no follow up from anyone from the show after the filming, so we could easily have avoided it and had the party for free,” he said. “It makes a bit of a mockery of the process that the bride and groom go through this huge ordeal for a ceremony which isn’t even legal.”

If this is true, it makes a mockery of our time-honored TV wedding tradition in general. Viewers may choose whether or not to believe this.


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Surprise! Hippopotamus

I had no idea Jennifer Anniston and I had something in common, but I too suffer from Pointy Nipple Syndrome, whereupon one’s nipples are literally always erect. Those afflicted have two choices—exclusively wear heavy duty bras that will conceal this and never ever go braless no matter how tiny your boobs may be, or say fuck it and embrace the Pointy.

I usually go with the heavy duty bra option, but I fully respect her choice in this difficult matter.