The R-rated comedy Horrible Bosses — which hits theaters in July — features three men plotting to kill their three assholish supervisors. One of said bosses is a woman, played by Jennifer Aniston, who is sexually harassing her employee (played by Charlie Day). Aniston's character is a dentist who molests and sexually abuses her dental assistant while he is unconscious. This is supposedly hilarious, and the fact that she's "hot" means that the guy's friends don't feel that bad for him. Imagine if the roles were reversed? And some "hot" guy was touching a female employee while she was under anesthesia? Would a studio greenlight that comedy?

Anyway. Check out Jen's blowjob skills in the trailer. Jason Bateman is adorable. And keep your eyes peeled for Bunk from The Wire.


Horrible Bosses Trailer [ONTD]