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Jennifer Aniston Drops a Tasty Mean-Girl Burn on Katie Couric

Ooooooooooo! Famous woman fight! Famous light-brown-haired medium-pleasant network-TV-approved over-4o white woman fight!!! In the course of her current publicity jamboree for We Are The Millers, Jennifer Aniston has been on a saying-stuff TEAR (see: "Strip clubs are disgusting," "I LOVE TANK TOPS HHNNNNGGGG GIMME ALL THE TANK TOPS," and "Happiness is a choice [vomits like an open fire hydrant]"). And last night on Chelsea Lately Aniston directed her unfiltered brain-hose at cheery morning news-sprite Katie Couric.


Chelsea Handler was apparently complaining about how hard it is to have such incredibly famous and light-brown-haired beautiful movie star friends. (I can't find the video of that exact moment, but the clip above is from the same interview if you want to get a feel for Aniston's steez.)

Handler then admitted to Aniston that it's difficult being friends with someone so famous. "Katie Couric was asking me on her show about your wedding and I had to act like I didn't even know you were engaged because I didn't know that was out," she explained. "Then she was like, 'Well, everyone knows about it!' So, I felt really stupid."


Then, Aniston fired back:

Clearly annoyed, Aniston, 44, asked, "What's Katie Couric? Is she a legitimate journalist? Is she getting tabloidy? Wasn't she on the Today show?"

Dude, "What's Katie Couric?" is such a better burn than "Who's Katie Couric?" I get that she means it in a professional sense and also kind of a flattering one—like, "What is her JOB now, even!? Wasn't she a respected journalist at some point?"—but I prefer to read it like, "Your existence is incomprehensible to me, gnome."


Anyway, regarding whether or not Katie Couric is a journalist, I mean, yeah. Katie Couric has done plenty of journalism in her career and her current floofy incarnation as a talk show host doesn't negate that. Not to get all Aristotelian here (ANISTOTELIAN—NOTE TO SELF: USE THAT LATER SOMEHOW), but I don't think you have to be doing journalism to be a journalist in any given moment. I'm sure sometimes, like, Walter Cronkite was just wiping his ass. He did not cease to be a journalist during those quiet, wipey moments.


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Eyeball In My AcidMartini

I realize this puts me in a serious minority, but I am really, really not a fan of either Chelsea Handler or Jennifer Aniston, and this doesn't help me like either of them better. Weirdly, I kind of want to like them both more than I do, but I find a lot about them both very off-putting.

Also, considering Aniston's tripe-to-decent ratio in the movies she's done relatively recently, maybe she shouldn't be snotty about "serious" careers taking a bit of a turn.