Jen & Gerard Sunbathe In Mexico; Lindsay & Sam Might Be Getting Violent

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Courteney Cox and Sheryl Crow are there, too. Jen turns 41 on Thursday, and her trip seems to involve a lot of lounging and sunbathing. Jealous. Of course, a Daily Fail commenter named Sassy writes: "Hope one day she finds the lasting happiness she deserves." Hmm, she seems pretty damn happy TODAY. [Daily Mail, Radar Online]

  • Has the relationship between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson turned violent? We heard that LL threw a drink in Sam's face last week. Now a source says: "One time I saw [Lindsay] and she had a large welt on her head. She told me that Sam beat the [bleep] out of her. She also said that Sam even punched and choked her one time." Plus: Sam and Lindsay live in the same building, and Sam has a key, and comes over all the time. "It's so twisted. They're not together, but they are," the source says. [Radar Online]
  • Dr. Conrad Murray is on the verge of surrendering voluntarily, and pleading not guilty. [TMZ]
  • NFL hero and Dancing With The Stars runner-up Warren Sapp has been arrested on domestic battery charges. He allegedly attacked his girlfriend in a hotel in Miami; she was treated for a swollen knee and bruising on her neck. [Us Magazine]
  • Gabourey Sidibe's mom, Alice Tan Ridley, sings in the subway three times a week. "My name is not on Gabby's paycheck," she says. "When I come home at the end of the day, I have enough to pay my bills and feed my kids." [NY Post]
  • Will Nicole Richie's mom, Brenda Harvey, be on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills? [Perez]
  • "Jay Leno-David Letterman-Oprah Winfrey Super Bowl ad was Dave's idea, says CBS." [EW]
  • In order to keep the Super Bowl commercial plans secret, Jay Leno secretly flew to NYC and wore a disguise to sneak into the Ed Sullivan theater. More at the links, including why Conan wasn't included. [LA Times, The Wrap, Deadline Hollywood]
  • Conan O'Brien and Fox: Working on a deal. [The Wrap]
  • Tiger Woods is "plotting" his return to golf; he plans to play in the Tavistock Cup in late March, and after that, The Masters. Is he ready? Is the public ready? [TMZ]
  • Aw, check out Lady Gaga's dark curls and shy smile in her senior class portrait! [NY Daily News]
  • Rihanna has a coffee table book coming out: "It's like a look into my life, behind the scenes, what you don't really get to see, but also fashion shots." [AP]
  • The Black Eyed Peas were supposed to headline Playboy's Super Bowl party, which started at 9pm; the Peas rolled in at 2am and found many people had already left. [AP]
  • Chelsea Clinton is getting married this summer, but doesn't have a wedding dress yet. Hillary Clinton doesn't know what she's going to wear as MOTB, either. [People]
  • 11 weeks after plastic surgery, Heidi Montag says: "I'm very fragile. I'm not in a great place right now." When she went to visit her mom, "I was hysterical the whole time. It was so hurtful. My body really set back from recovering from all the crying, stress and that traumatic experience. My insides were just throbbing and pounding but I know it's part of what I had to go through." Despite all the physical pain, Heidi is psyched: "I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life." [People]
  • Victoria Beckham's sister Louise is pregnant, so the news here is that Posh wants another baby — a girl, of course. [The Sun]
  • Readers of TheStreet consider Conan O'Brien to be the ultimate winner of the Tonight Show debacle; he earned more than 37% of the votes in a poll. [TheStreet]
  • Conan O'Brien is "quietly" trying to sell his penthouse in Manhattan. [Page Six]
  • Usher's new CD is being delayed until he signs with a new management firm; his former manager — his mother — quit. [Gatecrasher]
  • Asked about working with heartthrob Channing Tatum in the tearjerker Dear John, Amanda Seyfried joked: "I smoked a lot of heroin and just tried to get through." [USA Today]
  • 9/11 plaques were stripped from the walls of the place Anderson Cooper just bought in the Village, but rescued from a pile of trash. [NY Post]
  • Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have purchased a third home on Long Island to expand their oceanfront compound. [NY Post]
  • Buff Werewolf Taylor Lautner met Hilary Swank over the weekend, but got annoyed when Twivamp Kellan Lutz tried to get in the picture. Dude, back off! [Gatecrasher]
  • Jamie Lynn Spears' new boyfriend "seems to be a nice guy." [People]
  • Keira Knightley has been nominated for a Laurence Olivier award for her West End stage performance in The Misanthrope. [Daily Mail]
  • Keira Knightley has a stalker, and his picture is at the link. [The Sun]
  • Keira Knightley's stalker was arrested and charged with harassment. [NY Daily News]
  • "Could it be that Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen are finally set to tie the knot, eight years after they first got together?" Looks like they've sent out "save the dates," and the wedding could be on or around Purim. []
  • Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy: Totes in love, soul mates, everyday is Valentine's Day, etc. [People]
  • When Michelle Trachtenberg was in high school, she was bullied. "This one girl threw me down a flight of stairs, fractured my ribs, punched and fractured my nose, and told the principal I used the word 'bitch' and got me [sent to] detention." Later in life, Michelle saw this person again: "We were coming out of a restaurant and there was a wall of like 20 paparazzi. They were probably waiting for Paris Hilton, and I just happened to come out. I have never before or since said something like this, because it's so disgusting, but I turned to her and was like, 'Oh, I'm sorry. I'm really famous. They need to take my picture. Sucks for you.'" [Page Six]
  • Megan Mullally — aka Karen from Will & Grace — and Nick Offerman — mustachioed Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation: Married in real life. And posing nude in a lovely photo at the link. She says: "Neither of us are paragons of physical perfection. That's why I pitched that nude-photo idea: It's as if we were Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but of course we're not. Yet before we met with you, Nick told me how beautiful I looked in my pajamas in the hotel. I didn't really, by somebody else's standards, but it's very nice to hear that, especially as an actress in Hollywood. Nick has said he would divorce me if I got Botox." So much more at the link. [New York Mag]
  • Back when she was still trying to make it, Ke$ha broke into Prince's house and left a demo for him. [UPI]
  • "Ke$ha has more stories than Teddy Ruxpin." Okay. She says: "The title of my album is Animal because I am one. I live in the jungle, and I follow my instincts. My mom told me once when we couldn't afford food to go out and take what I wanted… I listened." [NY Post]
  • A reporter's 15-year-old daughter reviews a Taylor Swift concert thusly: "She stands basking in the applause one too many times and spends 10 minutes wading through a crowd of fans, hugging and clasping hands with anyone who gets close enough, leaving the rest of the audience to wait for her to return to the stage… Still, the concert was a great night out." [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • For whatever reason, a cameraman asked Sylvester Stallone about Charlie Sheen's car being crashed off of a cliff. Sly says: "I talked to him about it. Trust me — this guy was a victim." [TMZ]
  • MTV is upset that the Jersey Shore cast are making so many appearances, fearing that the kids are trashing the "brand" and "pimping themselves." Well, duh. [Page Six]
  • Q: I heard you once instructed a photographer not to airbrush you — that can't be right, can it? Emily Blunt: "I told him not to make me thinner. I hate when your legs are three times the length they actually are. I heard they could raise your nipples if you have a slightly see-through top, lift your bum-they can do everything. I can understand there are things like shadows they need to fix after a shoot, but it's unfair to represent an image of yourself if it's not true. They're gonna see what you look like on film anyway, so why try to cover all your wobbly bits in a photo?" [LA Times]
  • Jon Gosselin doesn't have enough money to battle TLC over the breach of contract lawsuit the network filed against him. [TMZ]
  • "Real" "housewife" Tamra Barney is getting back at her husband, Simon, by hooking up with his friend. Simon found out by running into the couple in Las Vegas. [Radar Online]
  • Balloon Dad Richard Heene has been released from prison and will be starting a work release program described as "very strict." [Radar Online]
  • Remember when Joe Francis and Jayde Nicole had an altercation in a club? Jayde sued Joe for assault and battery; Joe sued Jayde for slander and libel. Friday, a judge threw out Joe's defamation claims. [TMZ]
  • Nikki Sixx has two radio shows: Sixx Sense and Side Show Countdown With Nikki Sixx. He says: "We might have Ozzy on one day, a great actor on another day, a vampire on another day and then have some guy who's building rockets because he wants to be the first midget on the moon. It's not going to be anything you'd expect." [USA Today]
  • "Ever since the earthquake, I've been trying to do my part to help the people of Haiti — and I wanted to do more. Everyone has been so generous. My mom and I started calling and texting all of our friends to see if they'd like to be a part of the auction. Demi [Lovato] was one of the first to respond. Hugh Jackman was also excited to donate something. I texted Nicole and right away she sent over some amazing jewelry and Joel [Madden] sent some of his clothes." — Miley Cyrus has organized an online auction, benefiting Haiti. [People]
  • "I was at dance school doing about 35 hours practice a week until I was 14. Then ballet started to grate — the whole idea of trying to attain perfection started to ruin the experience, so I decided to try another type of performance." — Mia Wasikowska, who plays Alice in Tim Burton's Womderland film. She also says: "There's a certain amount of anxiety that comes with playing a character so beloved by so many people." [Guardian]
  • "It seems to me that Brennan doesn't want a child unless it's Booth's child, so we'll see where it goes. I do want to see them get together and their relationship is going to change dramatically at the end of this season. The two of them have had this chemistry together. But, the physical side of it has evolved very gradually. I think that's been a great way to explore a relationship." — Emily Deschanel, on her Bones character. [Parade]
  • "I am so happy my parents never made me worry about finding a husband. My mother chose to get married and have children, but she raised my sister and I very much as modern women who don't need that in your life to be happy. Sometimes it does frustrate me that a lot of people assume you will get married and raise a family. You don't have to. But who knows? I may very well do both." — Emily Deschanel. [Parade]
  • I know you have a ton of projects going on, so thank you for your time. "Actually, right now I'm working on a project called Sitting on the Couch and Eating." — Emily Blunt. [LA Times]
  • "The guy I'm dating now, who is so awesome, is not my typical fare. He's really skinny. Usually I like pudgy, macho-ish guys. But I think I mistook macho-ish for strong, emotionally. And I think it's really the opposite. I'm with this guy who's so unafraid to… I think he's the first guy in a decade who's given me any kind of compliment, like saying I'm pretty or anything." — Sarah Silverman. [Page Six]
  • "We were doing some stuff and then it just fell off and hasn't got back on. I'm not gonna hold my breath. Lindsay, when you're ready to get it in [and finish], give me a call." — Ne-Yo, who worked on Lindsay Lohan's 2008 single and was supposed to be working with her on her third album. [Daily Express]
  • "I hope it's going to be Miami; Or, out of state — they say get your passports ready so I am so excited and I am bringing my man." — Snooki on the new season of Jersey Shore. She also says of the guy: "He is freaking banging. We're the sexiest couple I have ever seen in my entire life so I am excited for everybody to see that." [Radar Online]
  • "I feel bad that people believe this kind of stuff or any random rumor that is taken as fact because 'it's on the internet.' This rumor is particularly ironic because I was actually happy with a business class seat and was offered a seat in first class. A friend of mine was sitting in coach so asked if they could bump him up to business instead of putting me in first. There was absolutely no altercation in any way. There's been many a time where I've given someone in coach my business or first class seat in order to sit next to a friend I bumped into. I really could care less about where I sit on the plane. It's hard to deal with the rumors sometimes. As a good person with a warm heart, it does bother me. I'm not bigger than feeling pain, embarrassment, stress and worry. Have you ever been lied on??? How does it make you feel??? You wanna tell everybody it's not true right? Thank you to all my fans who still love and support me even though it's not the trend right now! I'm sleeping in the studio and I won't let you guys down!" — Kayne West, on the erroneous report that he threw a fit over sitting in business class. He seems to have abandoned the ALL CAPS, which makes me a little sad. [Kanye Universecity]
  • "I recently saw Sophia Loren at a red-carpet event. It was amazing. She's such an icon and a legend. And then it dawned on me that Italians have gone from Leonardo DaVinci to Sophia Loren to Snooki. What the [bleep] is that about?" — Susie Essman. [Page Six]
  • "The romantic comedy is dead! I'm out of business! Back on Pretty Woman, they said love stories don't play in Europe and Asia. They were wrong. The business has changed now: overseas is the bigger marketplace, and it's easier to sell an action movie overseas. But two things I'm sure audiences all over the world understand: prostitutes and love." — Garry Marshall, director of Valentine's Day. [Newsweek]
  • "Ask me, 'What do you see when you look in the mirror in the morning?' and I'll be like, 'Someone who is more overweight than I actually am.' It's body dysmorphia." — Lily Allen. [The Sun]


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