Jemima Kirke and Dennis Quaid Had a Charming Conversation About On-Set Boners on WWHL

On a March episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked guest Allison Williams which was more upsetting: When a co-star gets a boner during a sex scene or when he doesn’t? On Monday night, he followed up with Jemima Kirke, Williams’ co-star on a rarely written about show called Girls, and Dennis Quaid.

Kirke described both situations as “, not’s just...information.”

Quaid, who’s been working onscreen and doing the occasional sex scene for several decades now, said he’s very rarely gotten a boner while working, leading an incredulous Kirke to reply, “Not even on The Big Easy?!”

“I will tell you that I won’t tell you,” Quaid responded, ending what is possibly the most charming on-air conversation about boners that we’ve seen in awhile.


Quaid wasn’t so tight-lipped throughout the episode, admitting to the audience that he’s had a threesome (RACY) and that he’s “never had any complaints” about the size of his schlong.

Also in the episode: Kirke and Quaid entered the Clubhouse Playhouse as Vanderpump Rules’ James Kennedy and Kristen Doute. Amazingly, Quaid—portraying Crazy Kristen—was off book.

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The Big Easy sex scene linked above (which is ALREADY now no longer available) is one of the most deliriously SESHUAL movie sex scenes of all time despite containing absolutely no nudity. Essential viewing.

The movie is good too.