Jeffree Star Has Availed Himself of One of His Barbie Castles

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Image: Pascal Le Segretain (Getty Images)

Recent reports estimate that international menace Jeffree Star is bleeding money, and quickly. Last week, Insider claimed that Star’s Youtube fame is dwindling, and his once-luxury makeup brand is now being hawked in the discount aisles of TJ Maxx, which Star once despised. Worse, this has all transpired after Star bought a $14 million dollar mansion, and then immediately asked for covid-19 loan assistance.


Now, he’s sold one of his two haunted Barbie castles, for less than he actually paid for it.

Variety confirms that Star has finally sold his original mansion, which he bought for $3.62 million in 2016, after listing it in July. The final sale price is $3.4 million, over $200,000 less than he bought it for. While that might seem like chump change to a person with a $14.6 million palace, it certainly colors out rumors of financial turmoil within his empire.

Variety also reports that the length of the sale is because “there aren’t many buyers looking for a Mediterranean-style Calabasas mansion whose innards have been hydro dipped bubblegum pink.” Whoever the unfortunate buyer is, they will get to enjoy the following amenities: a pink kitchen chandelier, a pink master bath, a pink master bedroom, pink coffin-shaped bookcases, pink leather chairs, and pink dining room. Sounds like a nightmare!

At the very least, he managed to snag more of an asking price than similar homes in Calabasas Park Estates, where the average listing seems to around $2.1 million. What was it then, that enticed the eventual buyer? My best guess is the covetable and priceless bragging rights that accompany living at the scene of a crime—his career!



Every time I look at Jeffree, all I see is a low-budget, femme Marilyn Manson. There’s nothing - not one thing - attractive about that dead-eyed, slack-jawed glare. (Dare I say he might be prettier if he smiled?)