Jeff Bezos Was Married, Is Now Divorced

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Image: AP

Where were you when you learned Jeff Bezos was married? For me, it was at my home on Wednesday morning when I saw this tweet announcing his divorce:


Congratulations! I thought. Then: My condolences.



Googling about this and found the obituary of Bezos’ biological father, Ted Jorgensen. According to an article written a year before his death, the old guy (who sounded like a considerably better person than Steve Jobs’ birth father) expressed strong regrets for his behavior as a teen father.  

He pleaded to meet Bezos before his death, but never heard back from him. Bezos famously planned his life for “no regrets,” which apparently means leaving no room for mere mortals who make mistakes. I mean...your 25 year marriage just broke up, dude. Maybe you should regret that a little?