The world rejoiced last week when, for a moment, rumors and reality became one and it was revealed that Blue Ivy would have a new sibling, one Red Vine. But with the light of a new week growing strong, dreams have been crushed and we'll just have to drown our sorrows in a bunch of lemon drops or something because Beyoncé is reportedly NOT pregnant.

Hot 97's Old Man Ebro went on air Monday morning to explain that since he and Jay-Z are email buddies, he waited a day or so and sent his congratulations and love along to Jay and Bey. He received the following heartbreaking response this weekend:

"He said 'It's not true...the news is worse than blogs.'"

OUCH. Don't do me like that.

In case you're heart is crying out "SAY IT AIN'T SO," Ebro stands by his email correspondance with the rapper; he joked that he hoped H.O.V.A. hadn't "been catfishing me...for the last five years." Looks like we'll just have to wait a little longer for Lil' Purple Rain. Or my personal favorite, winner of the Most Boring Baby Ever Award:

Flashing Lights: Did News Outlets Get It Wrong About Beyonce Being Pregnant Again? [Hot 97]

Image via Ramon Espinosa/AP