Jay-Z, with his bazillions of dollars in earnings, is firmly in the one percent. But that doesn't mean he's not willing to pay his fair share of taxes, provided he likes what the money is being used for:

Me, personally, I wouldn't mind paying more in taxes if it went to the things that really mattered. If it went to education, to people in poverty, I wouldn't mind. I think it should be clearly defined where all the money's being allocated. Because you can understand paying so much for taxes, and then things not improving, you're like, "Where's everything going to?" That's why I'm saying it should be an open accounting of where everything is going to. … I think most people with a conscience, with some integrity and moral fiber wouldn't have any problem paying more taxes.

Actually, Jay, it is pretty clearly defined where all the money is being allocated, should you care to thumb through the 3000+ page federal budget. Or you can just take a peek at this handy infographic to get a rough idea. If you like what you see, maybe you can try to get the Republicans in Congress to up your tax rate‚ÄĒthough gaining their cooperation might be tricky since you just insinuated they all lack a conscience, integrity, and moral fiber. Still, if anyone can convince them do it, it's probably you.

Jay-Z: I'd Be Willing To Pay More Taxes For 'The Things That Mattered' [ONTD]