Jay Leno, Of All People, Grills Michele Bachmann On HPV And Gay Marriage

Well this was unexpected: Jay Leno issued a bit of a smackdown when Michele Bachmann sat down on his couch Friday night. In the above clip, he argued with her about gay marriage, saying, "If two gay people want to get married, ... why is that even an issue?" He also brought up her husband's clinic: "That whole 'Pray Away The Gay' thing — I don't get that." She pointed to her hair and responded, "I thought it was "Pray The Gray Away!'" Oh, har har.

Later, Leno dived right into the HPV vaccine debate. Bachmann blathered on for awhile about how "It's something that could potentially have dangerous side effects," and then retold her story of the mystery lady with the daughter who magically turned mentally retarded after taking the vaccine. Leno, the unlikely voice of reason, asked her, "Do you regret not getting this woman's name and address?" Of course she doesn't. Because the lady probably doesn't even exist.


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you know, I always thought Leno was kind of a dip after the whole Leno/Letterman and then Leno/O'Brien happenings, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.