Jason Momoa stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night to talk about his new film and further prove that he is just sweet as pie, especially when it comes to the women in his life.


While Momoa basically confirmed that he's starring as Aquaman in Batman v. Superman by not confirming it, he also discussed The Road to Paloma, which deals with a murder and, in his words, "some of the injustices that are happening in the Native American community right now":

Basically when I heard these and read these articles and my friend brought that to my attention – I'm a married man, I've got children, mom, grandmother – if anyone were to hurt the women in my life and the law didn't take care of it, what would I do?


I'm so excited that Vinny Chase will no longer be the person I most associate with Aquaman and that instead it'll be this gem of a human.

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