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Japanese Women Take To Wearing Loincloths For Spring

Illustration for article titled Japanese Women Take To Wearing Loincloths For Spring

In Japan, cotton loincloths like those traditionally worn by men are coming back as women's wear. For around $13, you too could tie a strip of unelasticized cotton around your hips and hit the beach.


Wacoal, a Japanese lingerie company, is pushing fundoshi as underwear and bikini bottoms for women as the seasons change. The makers say the loincloths are more comfortable and looser-fitting than regular elasticized underpants, "liberating," and cause no sizing hassles. (The makers fail to note the obvious drawback of wearing a loincloth: you are wearing a loincloth.) Five thousand have been sold to Japanese women since Wacoal's version launched in December. Japanese people do a lot of weird shit, but this is just bizarre.


Two things:

1. Wouldn't elastic be easier? Elastic is always easier. That's the point.

2. Diapers.

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JessicaLovejoy: Laughing, riding, cornholing!

As if there's ever anything else to say except, "Oh, Japan!"