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Japan has ruled to uphold a 2003 law that requires sterilization for trans people.

NBC News reports that Takakito Usui, a trans man, appealed to the court to overturn the law after seeking legal recognition as a man without getting surgery. The law itself, known as Law 111, requires trans people who want to legally change their gender to ā€œbe single and without children under 20, undergo a psychiatric evaluation to receive a diagnosis of ā€˜Gender Identity Disorderā€™ (GID), and be sterilized.ā€

Usui rightfully argued that the law was unconstitutional, but on Friday Japanā€™s Supreme Court ruled to uphold the law. Though two judges did say that the law should be reviewed ā€œfrom the viewpoint of respect for personality and individuality.ā€

Usui and his lawyer are not ending the fight for Japan to legally recognize trans people without such limiting requirements. ā€œI think the ruling could lead to a next step,ā€ he said at a press conference after the ruling.