Janice Dickinson Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

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In an interview with The Daily Mail, former supermodel and reality star Janice Dickinson announced that she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.


According to Dickinson, who is 61, her doctor found a small lump in her right breast during a routine examination earlier this month; she was found to have early stage ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), a common and non-invasive form of breast cancer that begins inside the milk ducts. DCIS is not classified as life-threatening, but elevates your risk of developing an invasive breast cancer in the future. According to The Daily Mail, doctors have also detected cancer in her lymph nodes.

“It’s still quite shocking,” she told The Daily Mail in the extensive interview, in which she also thanked “my gays, viva gays, I love my gay men” for their support. “Today I got very scared... I just get very scared and it hit me. But I am not gonna let that define me, the fear. I’m going to get through this, I’ll be just fine kiddo.”

Dickinson is marrying her fiancé, Dr. Robert “Rocky” Gerner, this summer. Daytime series The Doctors will follow her treatment process, with her first appearance airing on April 6.

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fuck cancer, man. i hope she beats it and never has to deal with it again.

my mom goes in for a “diagnostic” mammogram today, after some abnormalities were found in her last one...which was ordered as a follow-up after she completed chemo for endometrial cancer.

just...fuck cancer.