Janice Dickinson: I Want Bill Cosby to Admit He Is a Pig and a Monster

On CNN Monday, Janice Dickinson got highly emotional while discussing her alleged rape by Bill Cosby, saying, "I don't know how to process this. I don't know how to process these emotions," before breaking down in tears.

"This is affecting me in my house, it's affecting me, it's probably affected these women," Dickinson said, before starting to cry. "But I'm strong and I'm gonna stand on my own two feet and I'm gonna tell my side of the story and it's not gonna end here." She then reached out to hug correspondent Fredricka Whitfield.


In another portion of the interview, Dickinson said that she trusted Cosby, but "compartmentalized" the memory of her experience with him because she was "embarrassed." She called his attorney's denial of Cosby's alleged actions "slander" (BuzzFeed has reported that Cosby's lawyer Marty Singer has tried to "discredit" Dickinson) and said she should have gone to the police back then. She's now offering to take a lie detector test to prove her point, though she also suggested that someone "put a lie detector test on Bill Cosby."

When Whitfield asked Dickinson what she'd want from Cosby, she replied, "I would like Cosby to come out and acknowledge that he is a pig, that he is a monster and he has raped me."

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I really don't like the way the interviewer was pushing Dickinson about "but why did you trust him," "why didn't you ask what the pill was," and so on. It's really rubbing me the wrong way. It seems to kind of reinforce the pervasive idea that if a woman does anything "wrong," then she can't complain when she gets raped. Nobody is perfect, including Janice Dickinson, of all people, and accepting a pill from a trusted and powerful person (even if it's to get a fun buzz, and not for cramps at all!) does not give them carte blanche to rape you. Let's not forget that, for a rapist, an appealing target is someone whose character will be called into question, who won't be believed, who has a reputation for partying hard (and who therefore must have wanted/deserved it).