Janet Jackson Is Coming Back to Us

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Janet Jackson is taking a break from gracing that billionaire dude with her presence to release new music and perform a world tour for us.


Following numerous rumors of a Janet project, Janet herself announced the news via Twitter (where else) by linking to the video below. Note that last year Janet tweeted, “If there is a new project, you’ll hear it from my lips.”

In the low-key sexy clip, Janet’s sultry disembodied voice also promises “a new movement” along with the music. “I’ve been listening,” she says. “Let’s keep the conversation going.”

It’s a good time for her to resurface (though not just for this reason) since other vets like J.Lo, Madonna and Mariah are currently flourishing in their own way. Janet’s most recent tour was in 2011 and she hasn’t dropped an album since Discipline in 2008, which is when I interviewed her and drank tea with her for a Billboard cover story.

This whole post was an excuse to say I had tea with Janet Jackson.

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With Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis?! I am worried it will be produced by Will.i.am and she’ll have Iggy Azalea guest on it and other dumb stufffffff.