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Janelle Monáe Teaches Sesame Street the Power of Perseverance

Bert can't sing the right notes. Cookie Monster can't bake the right cookies. Elmo can't do math. That is, until a tuxedo-clad Janelle Monáe arrives on Sesame Street to teach them "The Power of Yet."


Be sure and add this to your weekend jams, which — who are we kidding? — is probably all Sesame Street songs by this point anyway.

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what the fuck is this shit, universe? i have been trying for like a week now to come up with and be able to play a violin arrangement of Q.U.E.E.N. and it has been very discouraging because i am bad at the violin, and then you have motherfucking JANELLE MONÁE sing a song for sesame street about perseverance? what are you even trying to tell me.

if i wrote this shit in a novel no one would believe it. :\