Janelle Monáe Body Rolls to 'Yoga,' Censors 'Areola' on Tonight Show

Janelle Monáe performed her stimulating dance single “Yoga” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night. The greatest thing about this performance is Monáe starting it off by declaring “Yoga” as the song of the summer.


She then proceeds to body roll while her leggings-clad dancers do headstands and such. Sadly, Monáe had to censor out the “areola” part of the song for the puritans of NBC (radio stations have also been doing this), instead singing, “You cannot police me, so get off my little hole-a (?).”

Also featured, Monáe’s Wondaland artist Jidenna gets a cool shine op, rapping his verse from the steps in the audience.


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oh yeah, hole sounds way less scandalous than areola.

are we really afraid that children are going to learn real words for human body parts? even the non-genital ones? our sexualization of nipples goes to absurd lengths.