Jane the Virgin Will Soon Be Jane the Sex-Haver

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During an Emmy panel hosted by Deadline, Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez and showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman discussed what will happen once Jane Villanueva finally tosses out that crumpled white flower that Abuela Alba gave her and gets down and dirty with one of her many suitors.


While the series initially centered around a 20-something virgin that gets pregnant after being accidentally artificially inseminated, Urman insists that virginity has never been the focus of Jane the Virgin. She also says that Jane will have sex very soon.

Deadline reports:

Urman teased that upcoming third-season episodes of the CW show that will feature Rodrigues, an accomplished salsa dancer, going for a twirl with Dancing with The Stars‘ Derek Hough and rapping, a skill that the actress showcased in her breakout Filly Brown feature role and at today’s panel. As for how long Jane will hold on to her innocence, Urman maintained that the show has never been about virginity and that Jane having sex is “imminent.”

And keeping with the charm of show:

When that happens, they’ll simply put a line through the last word in the title.

During the panel, Rodriguez also told moderator Nellie Andreeva about what first attracted her to the show, saying, “I read the script and was like, this is what we’ve been asking for in the world in terms of diversity because there’s no commentary just an acceptance. There is no necessity to explain what it’s like to be a Latina, it’s just explaining what it’s like to be human.”

In March, the CW announced that they were renewing Jane the Virgin (and other fan favorite Crazy Ex Girlfriend) for another season. Congrats to the show and congrats to Jane Villanueva on using her sex parts however she damn pleases.

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