Jane Fonda Says She 'Lives For' Sex Scenes With Robert Redford

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Fall film festival season is upon us, and that means so many famous people will be doing so many interviews for so many movies over the next few months as they schlep from Venice to Telluride to Toronto. While we may grow tired of their stories and soundbites by the end of the month, Hollywood legends Jane Fonda and Robert Redford have started this yearly onslaught of movie news off with a proverbial bang.

While promoting their new film Our Souls At Night (a Netflix original) in Italy this week, the two—who play “longtime neighbors who find love” with each other—discussed their lengthy history of working together. (Please note that I was winking while typing the word “working.”)

Per Deadline, Fonda shared that she felt the film’s sex scenes “weren’t shot long enough.” She added:

“I live for sex scenes with him. He doesn’t like sex scenes, [but] he’s a great kisser.”


As their chat with the international press went on, the conversation grew more serious, and Fonda provided some inspiring words about growing older:

“It’s never too late. If you’re brave and willing to take risks and a leap of faith you can become what you were meant to be even if you’ve never been that before.”

Our Souls At Night hits Netflix on September 29. You’d better believe I’ll be watching it at midnight.

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I can’t believe Robert Redford is in his 80s. Or that the late Paul Newman was only 11 years older than him. Pardon me, I might be about to go down an internet rabbit hole of celebrity ages and contemplation of mortality.